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CHELCO offers Cooperative Solar to members

Going solar just got easier for CHELCO members.

CHELCO is offering members the chance to work with their co-op to build a large solar array, and those members can purchase a share of the output.

“Our theme is Cooperative Solar: Let’s Build It Together,” said Steve Wolfrom, vice president of member services. “It captures the spirit of our founding. Members worked together toward a common goal. We believe many of our members want to invest in solar power, and this offers them a pathway without a large upfront investment.”

Under Cooperative Solar, if enough CHELCO members subscribe to the program, a grid-connected solar array will be built on the roof of CHELCO’s Operations Center garage on U.S. 331 north of DeFuniak Springs. Members can sign up to buy a block of solar power through either a one-year or five-year contract. Members will be purchasing an average of 208 kWh per month for a flat rate. The rate is $26 per month for a five-year contract or $27.50 for a one-year agreement. This program will not reduce subscribing members’ monthly electric bill.

Here are the details:

CHELCO will offer subscriptions to the output from the 494-panel, 120 KW array. Each subscriber will purchase the output of 5.37 panels, which CHELCO calls a block. On average, the output of a block will be about 208 kWh per month for the first five years. There will be 92 blocks available.

CHELCO CEO Steve Rhodes said Cooperative Solar lets members purchase solar while avoiding the complications of rooftop solar.

“Members do not have to be concerned about upfront cost, financing, maintenance, rooftop condition and orientation, shade and zoning restrictions,” said Rhodes. “We are offering this program for our members who want to make solar happen but desire a convenient, simple solution. To ensure CHELCO is being the best steward possible of our members’ resources, we have decided to size the photovoltaic (PV) system based on our members’ interest in having solar.”

If a Cooperative Solar subscriber moves off CHELCO’s lines, the contract would be cancelled. If the subscriber moves to another location and remains a CHELCO member, the contract would be transferred.

For additional information, visit our Cooperative Solar page.


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