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Cooperative Solar

The fate of Cooperative Solar is in your hands


The deadline for contracting is Nov. 17.

If you would like to sign-up for Cooperative Solar, fill out the Cooperative Solar Application and email, mail, fax or drop it off at any CHELCO area office.

Fax number: (850) 892-9243               
Attention: Marketing
Mail to:
Attention: Marketing 
P.O. Box 512
DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435

What is Cooperative Solar?

If enough members subscribe, CHELCO will build a 494-panel, 120 KW solar array on the roof of our Operations Center. Those who subscribe will purchase a share of the output from the array for a flat fee each month. The array is estimated to produce an average of 208 kWh per month for the first five years.

Why Cooperative Solar?

Cooperative Solar offers a solution for members who support renewable energy but do not want the hassle of ownership and costs. Not every rooftop can host solar panels, nor is every residence practical for an on-site installation. With Cooperative Solar, homeowners, renters and members who live in multi-family dwellings can participate. There are no upfront expenses for design, permitting, installation and insuring a solar system. Best of all, members do not have to worry about maintenance and the management of the PV system; hassle-free power for our members from the sun.

How does Cooperative Solar work?

This program allows voluntary participation in solar with no personal installation required. Cooperative Solar will be offered by CHELCO, your trusted and reliable energy provider, with a competitive and affordable rate, and your subscription will be portable. As long as you remain in the CHELCO service area your subscription can move with you. Cooperative Solar offers you a renewable energy option that is good for the community and good for our future.

Rate Information:

Residential members can subscribe to a block of solar electricity, which is estimated to average 208 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month, for a fixed monthly fee. The actual kWh will vary depending upon the weather and season. The actual kWh produced will be purchased for the monthly fee below. This program will not reduce subscribing members' month electric bill. CHELCO will provide daily production data on its website.

Members may choose a one-year or five-year contract. The rates below will be fixed for the length of the contract.  
Monthly solar block charge:

Contract                       Monthly Fee

One year                      $27.50

Five years                      $26.00

CHELCO may limit the number of blocks per member so more members can participate in the program.

Will Cooperative Solar reduce my monthly electric bill?

This program will not reduce subscribing members’ monthly electric bill.


If you are interested in subscribing to our Cooperative Solar project, please fill out this interest form.

Cooperative Solar FAQ sheet

Cooperative Solar Tariff

Cooperative Solar Information Sheet

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