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Renewable energy

CHELCO supports renewable energy sources, such as solar, as long as it makes financial sense for our members. We try to make the best decisions for our members to keep electricity affordable. 

CHELCO purchases all of its wholesale power from PowerSouth, a generation and transmission cooperative that serves 16 electric co-ops in southern Alabama and Florida’s panhandle, plus four cities. With a combined generating capacity of more than 2,000 megawatts, PowerSouth owns and operates six generation facilities and holds ownership interest in an additional facility. As a not-for-profit co-op, PowerSouth uses a diverse generating mix that includes natural gas, coal, water (hydro), compressed air energy storage technology, and a disciplined fuel supply hedging program. This has minimized the impact of significant fuel cost increases. In addition, PowerSouth maintains long-term purchased power agreements to ensure economic and reliable power supply for its members, such as CHELCO.

CHELCO is exploring ways to increase renewable energy offerings to its members. We currently offer Green Power Choice and a solar demonstration project will be announced in June 2016. Additionally, CHELCO is exploring the feasibility of members being able to purchase solar energy in other ways, such as purchasing energy from a larger solar farm.

Members exploring owning their own renewable generation might wish to check our links to online resources or learn what is required to sell excess energy from a renewable to CHELCO.


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