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School programs

At CHELCO, we believe in teaching our area children about safety, energy conservation, and the cooperative environment.  That's why we conduct the following educational programs in area schools.

To make a reservation for either the Safety City or Cooperative Environment program, fill out this form, and return it to the marketing department at fax number: (850) 892-9243, or bring it to one of our area offices.

Safety City: Program for elementary school students that teaches them the benefits of and dangers associated with electricity.  Presenters use "Safety City," a wired model city that teaches children to be safe by demonstrating the do's and don'ts of electricity with "Neon Leon" and "Lightning Liz."  Children also enjoy an educational cartoon safety video.

 Discovery Channel School: An educational initiative aimed at middle school students to provide them with a real-world understanding of power and the purpose of electricity.  The program uses CD-ROMs, study guides, and classroom assignments. Click here to visit the Discovery Education website.

Cooperative Environment (pictured above): Teaches elementary school students about the environment they live in and animals in power line rights-of-way.  The presenters bring in live animals for the students to see, touch, and learn about.  Animals vary from presentation to presentation but may include animals such as a toad, snake, millipede, or squirrel.

Together We Learn: Provides resources for schools, teachers and parents to educate students about the value of electricity, efficiency and conservation.

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