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Touchstone Energy Home

The Touchstone Energy Home program allows CHELCO’s members to have one of the most energy efficient homes available today. The program is available only to members of Touchstone Energy® cooperatives, an alliance of about 570 consumer-owned utilities that serve more than 5.6 million households and businesses in 38 states.

To speak with an energy advisor about the Touchstone Energy® Home program, call (850) 892-2111 and ask to speak with the marketing department, or email us at

Approved Touchstone Energy® Home  Program Standards

To qualify for Touchstone Energy® Home certification, electric heat pumps must be installed in dwellings that meet heat gain characteristics or prescribed thermal criteria. For NEW, all electric construction, the allowable heat gain is 11 Btuh in Florida and 12 in Alabama. NEW homes that exceed these levels can be qualified under the “prescriptive” method.  The “prescriptive” method requires the home to have 8 energy efficient features, including the electric heat pump and electric water heater.  Speculative builder and multi-family units must incorporate the same Touchstone Energy® Home features as new or improved conventional homes.

For improved homes  the allowable heat gain is 14 Btuh in Florida.  Homes that exceed these levels can be qualified under the prescriptive method of qualification.  Prescriptive methods require homes to have seven Touchstone Energy®  Home features, not including the electric heat pump, electric water heater and heat gain not to exceed 17 Btuh.

The Touchstone Energy® Home features incorporate energy saving features into building and remodeling plans. The 15 Touchstone Energy® Home features are listed below.

Touchstone Energy Home features include:
* R-16 wall insulation minimum
* R-38 attic insulation minimum
* R-19 floor insulation for closed and open crawl spaces
* Double pane windows or single pane with storm
* Metal insulated doors
* Low-E coating on all glass
* Heat pump (mandatory), may have outside thermostat or gas supplemental heat
* Electric water heating 
* Exhaust system in kitchen and baths vented to exterior of home
* Exterior vapor barrier or air barrier
* Supply duct located in conditioned area
* Radiant heat barrier in attic
* Heat recovery system
* Infiltration control
* Programmable thermostat
For more information about the Touchstone Energy® Home program, contact CHELCO’s Marketing Department at (850) 892-2111.




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