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Trustees and Elections

CHELCO elections take place every spring. There are nine trustees on CHELCO’s board, and every year three of those seats are up for election. 

A board-appointed nominating committee selects candidates to represent districts. However, all members are eligible to participate in voting each year. For more information on the election process click here.

Results of the election are announced at CHELCO’s annual meeting, which is held in April.

Members may obtain a copy of the CHELCO bylaws to learn the entire election procedure.

Board officers:

President: Gerald Edmondson / District 6

Vice President: Jim Bishop / District 3

Secretary/Treasurer: Bert Prutzman / District 7

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Brady Bearden / District 4


Board of Trustees

Pat Carlyle
District 1

Terry Pilcher
District 2

Jim Bishop
District 3

Brady Bearden
District 4

Ronnie Jones
District 5

Gerald Edmondson
District 6

Bert Prutzman
District 7

Gayle Hughes
District 8

Burt Cosson
District 9


CHELCO District Map

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